E.S.T.E.B.A.N. lives!

Meet E.S.T.E.B.A.N., the Exceptional Sensing Testbed for Environment, Biophilia, Air-quality, and Nippiness.

E.S.T.E.B.A.N. has been a work of  passion of ETA Lab researchers Sarah Crosby, Zoe Le Hong, Merriam Vahidi, and Karen Lai this summer. E.S.T.E.B.A.N. is a high-precision sensor cart that measures the conditions of indoor environment, from temperature, humidity, air speed, CO2 concentrations, to the optical characteristics of window and greenery views.

Researchers Sarah Crosby and Merriam Vahidi carrying out indoor environmental quality evaluations in the Macmillan Building, UBC, July 2019

E.S.T.E.B.A.N. features one of the first real-world applications of Princeton University’s Hearth Labs Mean Radiant Temperature sensor cube, one of the first affordable (from a researcher’s standpoint) barometers of true (accurate!) mean radiant temperature indoors.